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Elpers Development would like to let you know that you are in good hands!  Building a home takes time, from finalizing your plans to handing off of the keys, so when you work with the Elpers team, we truly strive to get to know you and form lasting relationships.
We care about you and your home.

Our Homebuilding Process

Although each home that we construct is designed and suited for each family or individual, we use the highest quality and standards for all of our projects.  Each project is unique and created specifically based off our customer’s wishes.

When a potential customer contacts Elpers Development with their preliminary home plan, we begin the process by starting with pricing. Each project’s pricing requirements very slightly, but we follow this basic process:

  • Because we value your time, we start out with a ball park estimate.
  • If the ball park number is within the expected budget, we begin sending out the floor plans to all suppliers and subcontractors to prepare a very detailed estimate.  This is a very time consuming process, but allows us to get the most accurate estimate in the end.  Some individuals at this time like to start selecting out some of their preliminary items to help with the estimated values as well.
  • Once the estimate is finalized, we set up a meeting to discuss the numbers. If the numbers are satisfactory, a contract is signed, a deposit would be collected, and the project is placed on the schedule. Suggestions can be made to help with the floor plan to potentially save money, while not pulling too much out of the plan to sacrifice the happiness of our potential customer.
  • When time comes, work commences. On a monthly basis, we bill our customers.  We have even worked with our customers with their financial institutions as well.
  • The active project manager will continue to see the project through from groundbreaking until the end of the project when we hand over the keys. At the final month, we do a final walkthrough of the project where on the last bill the deposit is returned.

Membership & Awards

For every year that we constructed a parade home, we have had the honor of receiving many awards such as Best Bathroom, Best Kitchen, Best Exterior, to even Home of the Year.

Member of Southwestern Indiana Builders Association

2020 Vectren’s (CenterPoint) Most Energy Efficient

2020 People’s Choice Award

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